We currently have a current system of bail reform that targets the poor and the working class. We have people who spend weeks to months in jail for minor misdemeanors such as criminal trespassing or marijuana possession simply because they can’t afford a $1000 bond, or an attorney, or they have no one available on the outside to help.

While there is no 1-stop fix to this problem. The area of bail for certain types of cases MUST be addressed. The city of Dallas has started to move in the right direction with their new “Cite and Release” program for small amounts of marijuana. The city understands the need to keep these non-violent offenders out of the jails over a bond.

The county spends hundred of thousands of dollars housing people in the county jail. They don’t all need to be there simply because they can’t afford it. Ideas like “cite and release” need to move county wide, and eventually statewide. It also needs to be furthered to add in other minor, non-violent offenses.

While bail reform doesn’t happen over night, we need can move it in the right direction.

– Johnny

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