If elected Judge, one of my focuses will be to make sure mental health issues are being addressed. Mental health issues come in all shapes and sizes. I want people who need treatment to get the right treatment.

I see it all the time, defendants with mental health issues are not having them addressed. They are being chewed up, spit out and dropped into court taking jail pleas several times a year. This is being done without any effort to determine if there is a mental health issue or not. These defendants spend decades in and out of the system for crimes like criminal trespass, possession of marijuana, and theft. Then when it comes time to arrest them, they generally end up resisting arrest. The cycle doesn’t stop.

My goal is to find a program that breaks the cycle. Texas has enough incarcerated defendants in it’s system. These defendants do not belong in jail. My goal is to get them the help they need. There are programs currently in place and moving in the right direction, and my goal is to do what I can to push them even further.

We need to treat issue as it comes, whether that be drug or alcohol addiction, depression, bi-polar disorder, or any other form of issue these defendant’s are fighting, they don’t deserve to be chewed up, spit out and cycled back through the system the next time. We need long term goals, and with your help as voters, I can do that.

– Johnny


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