The right words are still not quite there for me, but I want to thank every person who supported and endorsed me, contributed to my campaign, blockwalked, poll greeted and voted for me. I did everything physically possible to try and win this race or make the runoff. However, sometimes things don’t always fall into place.

This election cycle has been interesting to say the least, some really good candidates are going home empty handed, others will be starting a new job in 2019. Some really good Judges were re-elected, and some good ones are still fighting for their jobs, or lost their job. Either way, the primary turnout was amazing, and I hope we can carry the votes and enthusiasm into November.

Once again, thank you to everyone who touched my campaign. I was honored to be part of the process. This also won’t be the last time you see my name on the ballot. In 2022, you’ll have another opportunity to voteĀ #lanzillo4judge.

Thank you.

– Johnny Lanzillo IV

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